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Stainless Wire Cloth

Twilled Dutch weave
The twilled Dutch weave achieves the smallest monofilament filter pores and also a smooth mesh surface.  The large material cross section achieves advanced mesh stability.
This mesh is used at a fine specification for fine filtration, such as pressure filtration in hydraulic steering applications and fuel filtration in critical applications. At a more coarse specification, it is also used for pressure and vacuum filtration and also as a porous medium for fluidised beds. 

Plain Dutch weave
This mesh features a lightly structured surface and achieves high levels of flow and minimal pressure drop.

The product is used for high mechanical loads for pre-coat filters and filter candles.
This woven wire filter cloth exhibits similar advanced flow and dirt removal capabilities.
These products are commonly used for oil and fuel systems where advanced dirt removal and flow capabilities are of vital importance, and for the protection of steering and fuel injection jets as well as bearings.
This product achieves high through flow rates thanks to its high levels of porosity.  The construction is comparable with a plain Dutch weave but is suitable for very high mechanical loads due to the more equal material section in both directions of the wires.
Applications include pre-coat filters, filter candles, vacuum filters and spring filters.
This mesh type also achieves high flow rates and is suitable for high mechanical loads, featuring a lightly structured mesh surface.  Duplex meshes are popular in applications including pressure and vacuum filters as well as filter candles.